Tips for a good trip



  • Photocopy your passport, credit cards, travel insurance (leave the original policy with your guardian).
  • Fill-up your departure cards and baggage tags before going to the airport. Be sure to label baggage inside and out, with your name, address and contact number for your destination.
  • Pack an extra set of clothes, toiletries & sleepwear in your hand-carried bag (this will come in handy just in case your luggage is temporarily mislaid).
  • Check the weather and temperature of your destination and wear appropriate clothing and shoes. Bring a coat (especially on board the Airplane).
  • Avoid wearing shoes with thick soles and belts with metals as this may require additional Airport screening even if the metal detector does not alarm.
  • It is always best to travel light!
  • Buy your currency/US Dollar in advance and bring some small denomination before leaving Manila.
  • Before you leave, activate the international roaming service of your mobile phone.
  • Bring medicines for headache, colds, flu, anti-allergies, diarrhea, some candies and mints.
  • Old destination labels from previous trips must be removed as this may delay your luggage.
  • Do not forget your camera with extra batteries.
  • Allow a comfortable amount of time before your scheduled flight departure to pass through security, check-in and immigration until you get to your gate.
  • Ensure all your travel documents and Terminal Fee is ready. Kindly place your passport in your pocket or hand bag where it is secured and accessible.


The Philippine government has increased security restrictions on flights departing from Ninoy Aquino International Airport:

1.Airline policy for hand-carried baggage, depending the airline you are normally allowed to a handbag that is not bulky for your document and personal items, a duty free shopping bag and a cabin baggage with the following specifications:

Route/ Weight Allowance Economy Class Business Class
International 1 pc. until 7 Kilos(45 inches or 115cm) 2 pcs. until 15Kilos(45 inches or 115 cm)

Note: Low cost carriers may have different rules. Please check your ticket conditions with your airline the allowable baggage you are entitled to bring.

2. All valuable goods like laptop, mobile phones, documents, jewelry; PDA’s, etc. should be carried in your hand baggage. Do not put your passport in your check-in luggage.

3. Certain electronic devices may not be used during the flight to avoid interfering with the electronic aviation systems. Mobile phone has to be turned off during entire flight.

4. Bags sealed with items such as sticky tape, rubber bands or ribbons will not be accepted; these bags must be independently sealed.

5. Hand carry Baggage Restrictions

All liquids, aerosols and gels must be carried in containers of no greater than 100ml/3.3oz capacity (approximately 100gm). – All containers must fit comfortably in a transparent, resealable plastic bag (e.g. Ziploc) or bag must be no greater than 1liter (1 quart) in capacity. The plastic bag must be removed from carry on baggage and presented to security personnel at the checkpoint for inspection and separate x-ray screening.

Containers larger than 100ml/3.3oz will not be accepted, even if only partially filled.

Zip lock: Requirement: 20 x 20 cm

Sample Ziploc: Brand: Zip lock: 7 in X 8 in (17.8cm X 20.3 cm)

Size: Quarter Approximate price is Php 120 (25 pieces) in leading supermarkets .This bag will be presented for examination at the gate screening point.

Only one Zip lock is allowed per passenger.

  • Certain items have been exempted and carry on baggage can include: – Prescription medicines (including insulin) should have the doctor’s prescription, matching the customer’s name; and Non-prescription medicine in limited quantities. Note: The above items will still need to be cleared through the normal security screening process.
  • Take care of your hand-carried bag. Do not leave your luggage unattended at all times.


  • If you have connecting flights with airlines with interline agreements with each other, please ask the Check-in Counter staff nicely if possible to make a “Check-through” and “tag your luggage” all the way to your main destination.
  • Checked Baggage allowances vary from carrier to carrier. Please check with your airline your allowable check-in weight.
  • Excess Baggage / Additional Collection: A charge will apply for any baggage carried in excess of the free allowance.
  • We recommend passengers pack liquids, aerosols and gels exceeding 100ml/3.3oz in your checked baggage wherever possible.
  • Please refuse to take along items with unknown content (envelopes, parcels etc) as a favor for strangers. If you are approached in this respect, notify the police, customs or our local staff immediately.
  • During security checks, prepare to remove your belts, shoes and socks.
  • The airline is not liable for items that you might have left behind at the security check.
  • Take advantage of going to the lavatory in the airport before boarding and in the airplane before landing.
  • If your baggage is not available for collection upon arrival, contact the Baggage Services staff in person at your arrival airport. Present a copy of your airline ticket and baggage receipts and a mishandled baggage report will be created.

Request the airline to kindle deliver your luggage once found to your hotel or the place where you will stay if within the allowable distance.

Lost/stolen property – Find the local directory to the local authorities and report the incident.

Lost passport - Should you lose your passport, we suggest you make a police report, then head to the Immigration & Checkpoints to possibly get a temporary visa. Inform your respective Embassy as soon as possible.

1. PUNCTUALITY is a must whenever one is traveling with a group.
2. LISTEN to the explanations made by the Group Leader/Coordinator so as to make your tour enlightening.
3. Please inform your Tour/Group Leader of your whereabouts if you need to leave the group
even for a short while.
4. Make sure you are able to check if your luggage is among those lined-up for loading in the bus.
5. Keep luggage locked each time you leave your rooms.
6. To avoid being a target of crime, try not to wear expensive jewelry and do not carry excessive amounts of money or unnecessary credit cards.

Carry a local Newspaper and display it folded in your arms so they will think you are a local Resident.

7. Find out also the nearest hospital in your area in case of emergency
8. Bring tissue and wet ones specially when dining outside.

Suggestions on how to handle Rebooking, Irregular, Delayed or Cancelled flights:

1. Rebooking your flight: You may call our WTI (Wayfair Tours, Inc.) landline at 8939761-2 or email: or call the emergency mobile no. 0917-847-4317. If you are abroad or outside Metro Manila, you may also try the following solutions: First, look for the local number of the Airline involved, as they have control over your local flight then cancel on time (at least 48 hours before your scheduled trip) your current flight booking and find out if the flight of your new date is available. Check also if there is a cancellation fee, rebooking fee and re-issuance fee to have your new e-ticket. The airline will do the necessary changes depending on the conditions of the ticket you are holding.

2. Rebooking and Flight Changes using Low Cost Carriers(LCC): (e.g. Cebu Pacific, Tiger Airways, Air Asia, Jet Star and more) most of the low cost carriers tickets are very restricted, some are non-rebookable and non-refundable while some are rebookable and subject to cancellation fee, rebooking fee and reissuance fee.

Conditions: The Airline will allow the passenger to rebook a flight only if: (a) The request to rebook is made more than 24 hours before scheduled time of departure. (b) The passenger pays the rebooking fee. (c) The passenger pays the fare difference, where the new flight is in a fare class higher than that of the cancelled flight.

3. Handling delayed or cancelled flights: If your flight is cancelled or delayed, find your Airline representative in the airport as soon as possible and find out how to proceed with your journey. If you are heading to an important event, meeting, funeral, wedding and other important reasons, kindly notify the airline so they can prioritize your case. Prepare to spend the time by having some reading materials and games. (Be patient as a lot of passengers might be experiencing the same unfortunate incident.)

4. Typical Airline Conditions of Carriage: (not applicable for Low Cost Carriers (LCC) regarding Cancellation, Changes of schedule, etc.)

(a) If Carrier cancels, diverts or delays a flight and other irregularities, the Carrier shall, with due consideration to the passenger’s reasonable interests, either: carry the passenger on another of its scheduled passenger services on which space is available; or re-route the passenger to the destination indicated on the ticket by its own scheduled services or the scheduled services of another carrier or by means of surface transportation. If necessary, carrier shall carry, re-route or make a refund in accordance with the prevailing airline rules that will apply.

5. Irregular flights: If after you bought your ticket, the airline made a significant change to the scheduled departure time of your flight and you find this change unacceptable and the airline or their authorized agents cannot book you on another flight which you are prepared to accept; the airline might give you an involuntary fare refund, bring remedies for delays and cancellations, the airline will take all reasonable measures necessary to avoid delay in carrying you and your baggage.

The airline may give you additional assistance such as compensation, refreshments, other care and reimbursement. Kindly keep your receipts as proof for emergency items you may have bought.

6. Denied boarding: In case you were not allowed to board a flight for which you have bought a valid ticket and a confirmed reservation, some airlines may provide compensation, refreshments and other care as required by any law which may apply. This will not apply if you fail to meet the check-in and boarding requirements required.

Above statements are meant to guide you in cases of rebooking and irregular flights. Wayfair tours will not be responsible if some of the statements will not apply since the Airlines have different policies and may revise their procedures in handling flight irregularities.